Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pelosi, Democrats Break First Promise Playing Games With 9/11 Recommendations

So, Pelosi and the Democrats have assumed the mantle of power that comes with being in the majority...problem is, as they move into their first 100 hours of action on keeping promises made in the election, they are already playing games with American voters. We were promised they would pass ALL THE 9/11 Recommendations, key among them having one committee, not ten acting as the oversight group of the intelligence community...go ahead and read their bill...that is NOT BEING DONE. Why does liar liar pants on fire jumpt to mind? Wonder if John Hall will step up and point this problem out, or keep quiet while playing the part of yes man.

House Passes Anti-Terror Legislation

The Associated Press
Tuesday, January 9, 2007; 8:09 PM

WASHINGTON -- Anti-terror legislation sailed through the House on Tuesday, the first in a string of measures designed to fulfill campaign promises made by Democrats last fall.

Patterned on recommendations of the commission that investigated the Sept. 11 attacks, the far-reaching measure includes commitments for inspection of all cargo carried aboard passenger aircraft and on ships bound for the United States.

The vote was a bipartisan 299-128, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the rostrum to announce the passage of the first legislation to clear under the new Democratic majority.

Democrats said the bill's passage was a top priority.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Did Democrats MISS The Message?

Watching the Democratic March into the majority, find myself wondering, as one of those who helped them win said majority, did they MISS OUR MESSAGE? Does not seem to matter what issue you pick, they seem to be out of step with what AMERICA wants. The War in Iraq, Social Security stabilization, illegal aliens...with each public statement they are losing the support they had gained, and if they actually make some of the mistakes their comments suggest they are going to make, they will take a blood bath in 2008.

1. Iraq War-we want our troops home, yet the Democrats have remained to quiet as the President moves forward with his plan to SURGE troops into Iraq to quell the violence. We've done the surge before, and once those troops are in theatre, they seem to remain in theatre. The Democrats have only two choices...the first is to simply unfund the war. The second would be to use articles of impeachment, or the threat of them to stop Bush from continuing his folly.

2. The Fence along our Southern Border...maybe to politicians it was a STUNT to appease us (citizens), but we believe in, and want that fence. Yet, Nancy Pelosi and her Blue Dog Democrats don't seem to care what we want, they are determined to abandon said fence.

3. Illegal Aliens...Americans want strong sanctions against those who hire, rent to, or aide illegal aliens, in short enforcement only solutions. Yet this week the talk on K Street is AMNESTY is on its way in the form of watered down earned citizenship, and liberal Guest Worker plans that would not even require illegals to go back home first...as in the Pence plan.

In short, even before they TAKE OFFICE, the Democrats seem to be out of touch with the populace, and if that is so, WE WILL VOTE THEM OUT.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Word To Democrats...Swift Raids Work

1200 Illegals arrested at Swift Plants, AMERICANS (legal ones) line up around block to fill the newly vacated jobs stolen by ILLEGAL ALIENS, most of them from Mexico...take a clue here Democrats, and pass ENFORCEMENT ONLY ACTIONS, and remove the loop hole from the 1986 bill that allows companies to get away with the hiring of these SCUMS.

Swift Raids Work, Open Up Jobs for Americans
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents recently conducted a series of raids on Swift & Company's meat packing plants across the country. Over 1,000 illegal aliens were arrested, many of whom are suspected of stealing the identities and Social Security numbers of American workers. The raids are important because they show that: Americans take the jobs illegal aliens leave behind; identity fraud and illegal immigration are connected; and Attrition through Enforcement works.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Committee Assignments...Corrupting Freshmen?

Let's PROTECT OUR FRESHMAN...I'll Put Them On Committees Where They Can Be BOUGHT! It's all about the campaign war chest, and they need to learn this FAST.
Nancy Pelosi has handed down committee assignments from on high, and seems she has a unique way to "protect" the Freshmen members of Congress...in short, put them on committees that allow them to A) bring home PORK, and B) have access to some SERIOUS DONORS. Is this protection, or brainwashing and corruption? We voted for change...change is not continuing the same old VOTES FOR SALE congress that the Republicans created under Tom DeLay. Not to sound skeptical, but I have my doubts about this kind of a strategy, and think it coops our newly elected members integrity right from the start.

Washington, D.C. – Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi announced today that the Democratic Steering Committee recommended that Members be appointed to the: Ways and Means Committee, Energy and Commerce Committee, Financial Services Committee, Armed Services Committee, and Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The Steering Committee also appointed freshmen Members to at least one committee.

“This distinguished group of Members will be instrumental in Democrats’ efforts to take American in a New Direction that increases security, opportunity, and prosperity, while restoring civility and integrity to the Congress,” Pelosi said. “These Members will be a strong voice for all Americans, not just the privileged few.”

The new Committee members are:

Ways and Means Committee:

Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon
Congressman Ron Kind of Wisconsin
Congressman Bill Pascrell of New Jersey
Congresswoman Shelley Berkley of Nevada
Congressman Joe Crowley of New York
Congressman Kendrick Meek of Florida
Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland
Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania
Congressman Artur Davis of Alabama
Energy and Commerce Committee:

Congresswoman Jane Harman of California
Congressman Leonard Boswell of Iowa
Congresswoman Darlene Hooley of Oregon
Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York
Congressman Jim Matheson of Utah
Congressman G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina
Congressman Charlie Melancon of Louisiana
Congressman-elect Baron Hill of Indiana
Financial Services Committee:

Congressman-elect Joe Donnelly of Indiana
Congressman-elect Keith Ellison of Minnesota
Congressman-elect Ron Klein of Florida
Congressman-elect Tim Mahoney of Florida
Congressman-elect Ed Perlmutter of Colorado
Congressman Albio Sires of New Jersey
Congressman-elect Charlie Wilson of Ohio
Armed Services Committee:

Congresswoman-elect Nancy Boyda of Kansas
Congressman-elect Joe Courtney of Connecticut
Congressman-elect Brad Ellsworth of Indiana
Congresswoman-elect Gabby Giffords of Arizona
Congresswoman-elect Kirsten Gillibrand of New York
Congressman-elect Hank Johnson of Georgia
Congressman-elect Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania
Congressman-elect Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania
Transportation and Infrastructure Committee:

Congresswoman Grace Napolitano of California
Congressman Dan Lipinski of Illinois
Congressman-elect Michael Arcuri of New York
Congressman-elect Bruce Braley of Iowa
Congressman-elect Chris Carney of Pennsylvania
Congressman-elect John Hall of New York With Entergy wrongly trying to relicense their faulty Indian Point reactors, wouldn't energy and commerce have made MORE SENSE?
Congresswoman-elect Mazie Hirono of Hawaii
Congressman-elect Steve Kagen of Wisconsin
Congressman-elect Jerry McNerney of California
Congressman-elect Harry Mitchell of Arizona
Congressman-elect Heath Shuler of North Carolina
Congressman-elect Zack Space of Ohio
The Steering Committee also appointed the following freshmen Members to the following committees:

Agriculture Committee:

Congressman-elect Tim Walz of Minnesota
Education and Workforce Committee:

Congressman-elect Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania
Congressman-elect Phil Hare of Illinois
Congressman-elect Dave Loebsack of Iowa
Congressman-elect John Sarbanes of Maryland
Congresswoman-elect Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire
Congressman-elect John Yarmuth of Kentucky
Government Reform Committee:

Congressman-elect Paul Hodes of New Hampshire
Congressman-elect Chris Murphy of Connecticut
Homeland Security Committee:

Congresswoman-elect Yvette Clarke of New York
Judiciary Committee:

Congressman-elect Steve Cohen of Tennessee
The Steering Committee agreed to continue the Democratic Caucus resolution temporarily removing Congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana from the Ways and Means Committee until the ongoing investigation is resolved.

The full Democratic Caucus will vote on these nominations.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

AFL-CIO Selling Out American Workers? You Decide

This from the Congressman John Hall Blog...are we seeing the AFL-CIO selling out the interests of American Workers in their attempt to gain ILLEGAL ALIENS as Union Members? If their National Press position in support of the 1200 Illegal Aliens arrested at Swift Meat Packing facilities is any example, they are GUILTY AS CHARGED. Illegal Aliens in the American Work Force depress our wages by over 200 Billion dollars a year...further, illegal aliens in the meat packing industry have depressed this industry's wages by over 25 percent...so, how does the AFL-CIO justify their support of ILLEGALS based on these facts, short of winning new members, even if ILLEGAL is more important than supporting AMERICAN WORKERS?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Congressman John Hall Listening Tour Update...
Is The AFL-CIO Selling Out American Workers In Hopes of Winning ILLEGAL ALIENS as NEW UNION MEMBERS?

So, Congressman John Hall is back in the district, making staff decisions (we in the grassroots feel people like Vane, Nate, Beth and Amy should be given SERIOUS consideration), and going on a listening tour. Not trying to rain on any parades here, but shall give some unasked for advice to John's transition team...Sue Kelly was heard at various and assorted meetings with constituents to say, "I'm only here to listen". Instead of a "Listening Tour", how about and EXCHANGE OF IDEAS tour around the district? We want to be heard, but we also want to know where our newly elected Congressman stands on important issues as well, and more importantly, where there is disagreement, we want to discuss those disagreements in the hopes of finding COMMON GROUND.

One of the stops on this LISTENING TOUR was the AFL-CIO Westchester-Putnam Central Labor Body Press Conference. Raising the minimum wage is all well and good, but we need John Hall to WAKE UP and realize we have a problem with the AFL-CIO that needs to be NIPPED in the proverbial bud. Earlier this week, ICE and other law enforcement officials raided various Swift locations to arrest illegals, and more specifically, illegals using FAKE ID's to steal jobs from Americans. The very next day, the AFL-CIO was on the airwaves taking the SIDE OF THE ILLEGALS! In short, we now have the AFL-CIO embracing the concept of illegal aliens stealing our jobs, and depressing our wages. In fact, as proof of this, I would offer up the reality that wages as a result of illegals in the meat packing industry have dropped by over 25 percent.

It is assummed here, that John Hall is all about LEGAL CITIZENS, protecting our jobs, and our wages. That being so, has John Hall and/or his staff discussed this issue with the AFL-CIO? Can Congressman John Hall continue his association with the AFL-CIO if they are going to ABANDON American workers in the hopes of winning the membership block of illegals who might be willing to pay dues, so that their ill gotten jobs in our economy can be protected, their jobs can be saved while Americans stand on unemployment lines? If John Hall is listening, then he should hear this concern and ADDRESS IT. He's already publically stated he opposes OUR PROMISED FENCE....does he favor giving preferential treatment to illegals at the expense of AMERICAN CITIZENS IN HIS DISTRICT, and does he EMBRACE the AFL-CIO's stand on this issue?

Listening Tour Update
Congressman-Elect John Hall has been traveling around the 19th district on a "listening tour" in preparation for his service in the 110th Congress this week.

Monday's visits included meeting with the Poughkeepsie Journal's Editorial Staff, lunch with Dutchess County Seniors at the Town of Wappinger Senior Center and a tour at a Hudson Valley HealthCare Community Center in Beacon.

Tuesday John spoke at the AFL-CIO Westchester-Putnam Central Labor Body Press Conference on raising the Federal Minimum Wage, visted with Westchester Students, Parents and Educators at Lakeland High School, met with Mayor John Degnan of Brewster, and attended the Mahopac/Carmel Chamber of Commerce Networking Meeting and Holiday Party.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Local To Peekskill, New York...

Mayor Testa and the Republican government in Peekskill New York LOVE TO WORK IN SECRET. They often times take public sessions private, and refuse to put the working sessions on local public access television. In short, Testa and the Republicans do anything and every thing they can to get around Sunshine Laws. To thwart their efforts, the minority Democrats have started putting out a RECAP of the work sessions to keep the public informed of what goes on in these meetings. In support of this OPENNESS in Government efforts, this blog will publish these reports in their entirety as they come in.

Peekskill Common Council Work Session Recaps

As part of our commitment to open government, the Peekskill Democratic City Committee has begun providing recaps of Common Council Work Sessions starting December 4, 2006. Work sessions are public meetings, but are not broadcast on the local government channel and there are no official minutes kept for them. Democrats on the council have long called for these meetings to be aired and for minutes to be kept. To date, the Republican majority has refused to do so.

Council Work Sessions take place on the first and third Mondays of the month at 6:30pm in the City Manager's office. They are public meetings, but the space is tight and there is limited seating available.

Work Session Recaps:

December 04, 2006


Work Session Recap of Monday, December 4, 2006

Present at the meeting:

Mayor John Testa

Deputy Mayor Catherine Pisani

Councilwoman Drew Claxton

Councilman Don Bennett

Councilwoman Mary Foster

Not Present at the Meeting:

Councilwoman Milagros Martinez

Councilman Mel Bolden

(These two members are paid to ATTEND THESE MEETINGS, and their absenses should be TRACKED.)

Extension of Paramount Theatre Lease for 25 Years

The Paramount Center for the Arts, represented by Jon Yanofsky, Executive Director, and former Mayor Vincent Vesce, Paramount Board Member, appeared before the Common Council to request a long-term extension of their lease on the Paramount Theatre building. Currently, the Paramount Center for the Arts, the non-profit that is housed in the Paramount Theatre, has two years remaining on their lease with the City of Peekskill. Yanofsky and Mayor Vesce pointed out that they have had a very successful run over the last couple of years and the Paramount plays a huge role in the overall image of the City of Peekskill. Yanofsky presented several newspaper clippings to council members to demonstrate this point. Yanofsky also pointed out that the Paramount Center for the Arts has obtained $1.2 million in grants since 2004 that have gone to capital improvements to the building, including the restoration of the ceilings and the new bathrooms. An additional $800,000 will be raised in 2007 for a new loading dock and other repairs. In addition the Paramount has increased the amount of reimbursement it makes to the City for utility costs. In 2007 they will reimburse the City between $65,000 and $75,000. The City still expects to cover approximately $100,000 of maintenance costs for the Paramount building in 2007. However the amount of reimbursement from the Paramount has doubled in the last 3 years.

Yanofsky and Vesce explained that the Paramount Board is increasingly being asked by potential funders how stable and/or secure their tenancy is in the building that they lease from the City. Funders want to know that the Paramount Center for the Arts will continue to operate out of the Paramount Theatre before they commit significant dollars, particularly for capital improvements to the building. This being the case, Yanofsky and Vesce requested that the City consider renegotiating their lease and extending the term of the lease to 25 years.

Councilwoman Foster asked what is the current term of the lease and how much do they pay the City to lease the theatre. Mr. Yanofsky stated they are currently in a five year lease that expires in 2008 and the Paramount Center for the Arts leases the theatre for one dollar per year. The past practice has been for 5 year renewable leases. Councilwoman Foster also wanted to know how much the City contributed to the capital funds that were expended in the past 3 years. She noted that the City had set aside $50,000 in a capital project fund for the Paramount bathrooms. City Comptroller Serrano and Mr. Yanofsky both stated that the Paramount raised the entire amount of the funds they needed for the bathrooms and the City’s $50,000 reserve fund was not touched.

Councilwoman Claxton stated that she is a big supporter of the Paramount and that she attends almost two shows a month there. She commended the Paramount for its recent record of achievement and noted that it is an important and vital part of the community. She stated that under the current Director and current board there has been a great amount of momentum and success. She, however, was concerned that under previous boards and directors the Paramount did not do well, that there had been serious problems and the theatre had languished as a community resource. She stated that she was concerned that the progress made over the past few years may be based on the specific director and board and given a different director and/or board; such progress may not continue and could possibly regress. History of the theatre showed that this had happened before. That said, Councilwoman Claxton stated that, given a 25 year lease, there would need to be a mechanism built into the lease to protect the City in the event that the director and/or board members changed and the organization again fell into disarray.

Mayor Vesce agreed with Claxton's concern and agreed that previous boards and previous directors at the Paramount, while having good intentions, did not have the expertise to run the theatre. He went on to state that Common Council had an obligation to make sure that the City was protected in the event of an unforeseen eventuality or in the event that the leadership of the Paramount did not fulfill its duties.

Mayor Testa stated the Paramount is doing great things and is unquestionably an asset to the city. He said he supported the measure. Mayor Vincent Vesce suggested it was premature to make a decision at that time and that they are not looking ‘to close the deal” with the council this evening. He recognized there were major issues and concerns that would need to be worked out on all ends before the city could enter such a long-term lease.

A discussion ensued regarding the programming at the Paramount. Councilman Bennett mentioned that there is a theatre season and noted that the Paramount had increased the amount of shows it shows each year.

Councilwoman Foster stated that there needs to be serious protections written into any such lease to protect the City's interest. She went on to point out that many of the major theatres in NYC, Brooklyn, and the surrounding areas work diligently to establish an endowment in order to continue their growth and achieve financial independence. She asked what kind of work the Paramount Center for the Arts has taken to establish an endowment. Mr. Yanofsky stated at this point they have not been able to focus on building an endowment because their priorities had been focused on capital improvements and programming. He noted, however, the Paramount is currently hiring a full-time fundraiser and a marketing director as well, both of whom will address these issues.

Councilwoman Foster went on to suggest that the Council needed information on a 5 year capital plan so that they had a better understanding of the total amount of capital improvements that are still needed before the Board was able to focus on raising an endowment. In addition there would need to be measures written into any long-term lease that focused on incentives for building an endowment fund rather than just negative provisions that allowed both parties to walk away from the lease if the Paramount did not continue its current level of success. There are 2 factors to be balanced: the City needs to protect the community asset but cannot do that on the back of the taxpayers. The Paramount needs to become self-sufficient and an endowment is the only way to do that for the long-term. Mayor Vesce stated he agreed with Councilwoman Foster that the City needed protection and that if we are to move forward with a lease of this length that it would be important that all of this language and concerns be written into the agreement.

Deputy Mayor Pisani stated the Paramount is a wonderful place. She noted she was a board member of the Paramount during the dark days, but said sometimes we need to take a risk and she supports extending the lease for 25 years at its current one dollar a year rate. She said endowments are great, but we should take baby steps.

Councilwoman Foster said the Paramount has done a wonderful job taken those baby steps and now its time to take bigger steps.

Councilwoman Foster asked about the concerns expressed by some business owners about the “dark periods” in December. Councilwoman Claxton asked about January and why there were fewer productions in January and over the summer months. Mr. Yanofsky stated that the only dark periods are Thanksgiving weekend and the week between Christmas and News Years. That there are a number of productions and films held in December. Mr. Yanofsky also stated that there were two live shows in January, which were traditionally slow months in the theater business, and that the Paramount showed films 4-5 days per week over the summer, as well as accommodating rental productions and making Wednesday evenings available in case the City’s Parks and Recreation Riverfront concert series was rained out.

City Manager Dan Fitzpatrick stated the City will start to address the issues raised by the Common Council and they will have continued discussion on the matter.

Fireman's Memorial

Fire Chief James Howard appeared before the council to update them on the development of a Fireman's Memorial, which will eventually be placed at the waterfront. The design of the memorial will have 6 pillars (one representing each of the six fire stations in Peekskill) and atop the memorial will be the refurbished fireman's bell that now sits on the land adjacent to the Columbian Engine Firehouse on North Board Street. Additionally, a statue of a fireman will stand under the bell.

Because grant monies were obtained and must be exhausted by July of 2007, Chief Howard was requesting that the City provide additional funds to help cover what they have not been able to raise themselves in order to complete the project during the required timeframe as outlined in the grant. The cost would be roughly an additional $15,000 from the City. A presentation was made by the designers of the memorial showing previous work they had done. It was suggested that upon completion of the memorial it be housed in storage until such time as it can be located on the land that is scheduled to be redeveloped at the waterfront.

The common council agreed to move forward, Councilwoman Foster stated there were extra dollars available from monies not utilized by the Paramount Center for the Arts.

Staircase and right-of-way

City Attorney Bill Florence addressed the council regarding ownership of a set of concrete stairs that go from Howard Street to Carhart Avenue. Questions had emerged at prior meetings regarding who owns the staircase and who has liability for the staircase. After Florence's presentation it was still unclear as to who owned the staircase and who was responsible for the upkeep. Florence suggested the stairs were very steep and represented a safety issue.

Councilwoman Claxton pointed out the stairs are used by school children going to and from Hillcrest School and in light of the absence of sidewalks along Husted Ave and other roads leading down to Main Street, it was the safest available path for the children. Florence suggested "safe" was interpretive. Claxton replied that unless the City was willing to build sidewalks so that the children had a safe path home, then the stairs present the safest path of travel for the children, unless the city expected them to walk on the side of a steeply sloped road with vehicular traffic.

Councilwoman Foster asked if any one knew exactly when the stairs were built and the relationship of those stairs to the building of Hillcrest school. She also stated that after the last discussion on the issue she took a tour of the area and also noted that there are no sidewalks in that immediate neighborhood and no direct route from Main Street to Hillcrest school unless the stairs were used. Based on the maps Corporation Counsel was showing them, she thought the stairs may belong to the City. She also mentioned that Husted Ave had a lot of bus traffic directly before and after school at the same time as the school children would be walking along that street if the stairs were closed.

Mayor Testa said he has not seen the location yet and will have to go take a look. City manager Fitzpatrick apologized to the council for not having provided more clarity on the issue since their last discussion on the matter.

The meeting adjourned at roughly 8:30pm.


Common Council Work Session recaps are brought to you as a service from the Peekskill Democratic City Committee
PO Box 686
Peekskill, New York 10566

Thursday, December 07, 2006

H1B Visa ACTION ALERT...Senate, Microsoft Trying to RAPE AMERICANS

This just in from the Washington Scandal blog....we need people on the phone to SENATORS ASAP to stop Microsoft's LOBBYIST from raping American Workers.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

H1B Visa ACTION ALERT...Senate Trying to FUCK Americans

MAY DAY MAY DAY....Microsoft and other high tech firms are trying to SNEAK Through a fast one and get up to 500,000 H1B Visa's passed through during the Lame Duck session...they converged on Senate Offices yesterday, and one turncoat Senator is now taking their money and introducing a last minute bill hoping to catch activist off guard....we need BLOGGERS on the phones IMMEDIATELY!

by Porgie T. edit

Microsoft LOBBYIST have converged on Senate Offices today in the hopes of FORCING THROUGH up to 500,000 H1B Visa's in the Lame Duck session, hoping to catch Americans OFF GUARD...this is out right stealing of MORE AMERICAN JOBS....call your Senator right now, and tell them you oppose any such legislation!

Capitol Switchboard


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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wake Up DEMOCRATS...Baker Recommendations a TRAP

So, the Democrats raced to the airwaves to embrace the Baker Report and its Recommendations on Iraq...I'd suggest they read the report VERY CAREFULLY, and see it for what it really is. The report and its recommendations amount to "Stay the Course on Steroids" and this reality was confirmed when former Secretary of State Baker appeared on the Anderson Cooper show tonight, and admitted that regardless of the report, regardless of the decisions and choices made that America will have TROOPS IN IRAQ for years! Do the math...in the report, we are told no permanent bases in Iraq, but in same paragraph are told we would build bases if asked by Iraq to do so! Hmmmm....troops in Iraq for years, bases if invited....get real here folks, we are being sold a bill of goods.


Seems that Senator (cough cough...HIS DADDY got him the job, sound familiar?) Evan Bayh went on CNN today, and told Wolf Blitzer he IS A UNITER....does this sound familiar to any one?

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Bayh NOT A UNITER....Instead, Bayh Is Bush LIGHT

Let's make no mistake about it, Bayh is nothing more than a supposed Democratic version of Bush, it is no mistake or coincidence that their last names are only ONE LETTER APART. Bayh is dishonest, a whore to BIG BUSINESS, and like Bush has sold his soul to the energy contingent, with the only difference being ethanol verse petroleum...though it should be noted, that BIG OIL already controls almost the entire ethanol market, and its production processes.

Here we are, almost two full years from the November Elections of 2008, and we have Bayh CLAIMING BUSH's MANTLE OF THE GREAT UNITER...be afraid folks, very very afraid.
Bayh is an OLD BULL, tied into the same funding mechanism that made Tom DeLay, Abramoff and K Street famous, in short about as corrupt as one who has not been caught as one can be. He, and his staff are ALSO LIARS, as is witnessed by their false promise of having dialogue with the members of www.gather.com

American needs to sit on their money, as this man is not electable, and instead only wants to build his already immense WAR CHEST of over $10 MILLION DOLLARS...in fact, find it sad that citizens donated that money to his RUN FOR THE SENATE, and he now wants to use it to run for president...he should be forced to return every cent.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Bayh says he can unite Americans Bush MADE SAME CLAIM

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- On the same day he officially formed a presidential exploratory committee, Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Indiana, told CNN Wednesday he is capable of uniting Democrats, independents and Republicans in a "politics of common purpose." He is capable, like Bush of ROBBING THE POOR and giving to his rich and elite friends. Remember that Bush ALSO RAN AS A UNITER....HELLO!

"That's not happening today," Bayh told Wolf Blitzer on 'The Situation Room.' "But it's something I've demonstrated repeatedly an ability to do, and it's something I think we're going to need in the next president." Saw this interview...guy talked very effeminately from my perspecive...was reminded of Foley almost instantly.

Bayh, the son of Sen. Birch Bayh, served two terms as his state's governor before winning a Senate seat in 1998. He is also a former leader of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council.

DADDY was a Senator, and he made sure that I'm one too...like the Bush's we keep it in the FAMILY...can we say cronism?

Bayh also said he has nearly $11 million available for a presidential race, but estimated the cost of a campaign at $25 million to $50 million. The Indiana Democrat said he is confident Democratic donors will sign on to his centrist message. He's in it for the MONEY...he gets his $25-50 MILLION, then pulls out EARLY!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Our Democrats Preparing To SELL US OUT?

Basically one month from the day when the 110th Congress is seated, and it is looking like the Democrats may sell out the American people, and even worse, the Middle Class. Nancy Pelosi as a part of her supposed aggressive first 100 hour agenda may in fact raise the minimum wage, but this stand alone legislation is no longer stand alone, the rich and elite wrangling behind CLOSED DOORS to get offsets for this GIFT to our nations most deserving. This is disappointing, and means little if the whispers concerning illegal aliens is true.

Rumor on the street in Washington, DC is that Democrats are prepared to TAKE THE MONEY of both Big Business, and racist special interest groups such as La Raza and run as they push through a wrong and unfair AMNESTY. Yes, amnesty for 12-20 million illegal aliens and their 4.5 million bastard Anchor Babies. The fact that our wages are being depressed over $200 BILLION a year does not matter. The fact that these illegals are guilty of no less than four crimes in being and working here does not seem to matter. The fact that many lower and middle class neighborhoods are being destroyed DOES NOT MATTER...the Democrats seem to be suggesting to us that we do not matter, as they have a chance to WHORE THEIR VOTES just as the Republicans did for 12 years, and GET AWAY WITH IT.

Implementing the 9/11 Commission Recommendations...NOT EXACTLY...seems that Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party think they can PULL A FAST ONE ON US. Here is how it goes down. They will implement most of the recommendations, then with a slight of hand trick hope we do not notice the MOST IMPORTANT ONE OF ALL was swept off the table....specifically, the one calling for ONLY ONE COMMITTEE, at most two to oversee the intelligence community. You see, now that the Democrats are back in power, Nancy and other OLD BULLS want their own red meat...committee chairs, and implementing this sector of the 9/11 recommendations would eliminate nine committee chairs....GOD FORBID!

They might get away with one and three, but MARK MY WORDS...if the Democrats move to vote and Amnesty (earned citizenship) and increase the guest worker program, WE WILL VOTE THEM OUT IN DROVES IN 2008.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Gather Democrats Pays Tribute to Dinero Boo

No politics today, no reports on problem Democrats, or ones who deserve my praise...instead, as I grieve, I share a fairwell tribute to the best feline friend a man could ever have...you will be so very sorely missed Dinero Boo.

Dinero Boo October 11th, 1995-December 2nd, 2006

Friday, December 01, 2006

Reach Out to Mother Of a Soldier JUST WOUNDED in Iraq

Friday, December 1, 2006

Reach Out NOW To an Iraq Soldier Mom! Her SON Has BEEN HIT With and IED
NEWS FLASH...Just in from Gather.

I am a member on www.gather.com a site for people to meet and share their thoughts, argue politics, and make new friends. One of these new friends could USE SOME FRIENDLY WORDS and prayers. If you read this, pass the link along, and click on THIS LINK to read her post, which I am posting below, and to leave her words of strength. This post is being put up in all my blogs, hope you will include it in yours...the Mother of a soldier needs our strength.

Porgie Tirebiter

he was hit
by adele L.
December 01, 2006 12:07 AM EST
I got a phone call at midnight, from my daughter, telling me my son was hit and injured in Iraq. I was sound asleep. I heard ,Wayland had been hit by an IUD. ?????? What I don't understand, I said. She continued to try to explain it to me. I finally woke up enough to understand what she was saying ..... my son was hurt.
He was hit by an IED.

He is in Germany now in a hospital.

He was in a vehicle and was tossled around.

more to come.............

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mayor Testa A Serious Sexist Ass Monkey?

Click on Picture to see this WANTONLY SEXIST GARBAGE

YES, this blogger said ASS MONKEY! Seems the Republicans and Peekskill's Mayor Testa (former political boy toy of disgraced Sue Kelly) have no problems participating in male chauvinistic, sexist and distasteful locker room hyperbole, even SEXUAL HARASSMENT on the Peekskill GOP website. What kind a sexually repressed deviant in 2006 would find humor in cutting and pasting the heads of two very well respected FEMALE Counsel Members onto the bodies of genies? Does not matter which party these civic minded women belong too, though they both are Democrats.

The website, which I have posted a picture of at the top of this article is not only TASTELESS, but it is BLATANT Sexual Harassment, a human debasement of the worst kind, a deliberate, malicious, insidiously sinister and vilely repugnant sexist attack on these two Councilwomen Claxton and Foster. The ACLU should be stepping in here and demanding RESIGNATIONS. Where is NOW and a fleet of attorneys pounding on the door of our part time Mayor. This kind of sexual harassment of members of the common counsel cannot and should not be tolerated. Further, if Mayor Testa and his fellow Republicans are treating members of the counsel in such an egregiously negligent and harassing manner, how are they treating various females who are forced to work within the confines of City Hall on a day in and day out basis.

We need investigations here, and Mayor Testa and members of the Peekskill GOP need to attend MANDATORY sensitivity training. Further, the Peekskill GOP and Mayor Testa should be ordered to issue a FULL PAGE apology in the Journal News, or other local publication of Counsilwomen Claxton and Foster's choice.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wake Up Middle Class America...The Time To Decide Is Near

This post is up over on Porgie's News and Views, and I am reposting it here, as I think many Democrats, many Americans in our lower and middle class need to wake up to the reality that we are being forced into slavery by Corporate America, and this nations rich and elite. This article discusses the Illegal Alien Invasion for what it is, and sides cannot be chosen by party association, but must be chosen along class lines, as it is painfully obvious that Washington is attempting to eradicate and exterminate America's hard working middle class. It is time we end the lie being spread that illegals take jobs we will not do, end the lie that they cause us no harm. If our government will not protect us, we must protect ourselves.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Has The Time Come For Americans To Defend Our Borders And Our Homes Ourselves?

This is a REAL PICTURE of REAL ILLEGALS marching across our Southern Border to STEAL OUR JOBS.

To understand some Americans and their anger where illegal aliens are concerned, you first have to go back in time, back to 1986, back to the great Reagan Era Illegal Alien Amnesty with all of its false and unkept promises. The old saying states that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Reagan and those in office promised Americans that we were seeing the last Amnesty, that after it went to in effect, our laws would be enforced, employers would be punished, and those here illegally would be deported back to their home country...we as Americans believed those promises, bought into the lie and Amnesty was signed into law over the skepticism of America, and with many angry it happened at all, who believed it would not work.

That amnesty did not work, and now some six years into the Bush Presidency, a full twenty years from that last failed presidency, we are faced with the same issues, the same problems, but this time they are bigger, more magnified that one could have ever pictured. Sadly, if the political winds blowing through this once fine land are any example, our government learned nothing from history, are not only doomed, but EAGER to repeat history again, prepared, with the help of traitorous help from a newly elected Democratic Majority, to force amnesty down the throats of America yet again, legalizing the stealing of our jobs, the depression of our wages, the ruination of many of our lower and middle class communities in the name of CHEAP WAGES, and in the hopes of winning the Latino voting block.

Two reports today should have Americans up in arms, show that Washington did not listen to us on November 7th, and have no intentions of bringing us change. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want to beat their drums of bipartisanship, and speak of their GRAND AGENDA for the first 100 hours of the 110th Congress, the crowning jewel of that time frame a raise in the minimum wage to $7.25 (supposedly promised as a stand alone piece of legislation). First, if the average America looks at this promise, it's NOT ENOUGH, and even worse, if not coupled with serious border and immigration enforcement, and the deportation of millions of illegal aliens, may be a detriment to those LEGAL AMERICANS on the lowest rungs of our economic ladder. If low life, fetid, repugnant, law breaking companies and employers are already hiring illegals now because they work for less, isn't and increase in the minimum wage without dealing with this issue going to see even more companies following suit?

The Freshman Class positions on immigration reform are out, and they are at best very disappointing. The first thing noticeable, is what is missing...any mention of how to deal with the 12-20 million illegal aliens, and their 4 million anchor babies...a very disturbing and telling absence, proof that Pelosi has Democrats GOOSESTEPPING TOWARDS AMNESTY. Secondly, though many Democratic Freshman CLAIM they want enforcement first, they lay out no plan for such enforcement, while at the same time saying they do not embrace the building of the fence that we Americans had already been promised, had already seen signed into law. In short, a move is afoot to eliminate any fence, to backtrack from a bill already signed into law. If this is the message coming out of the Freshman Class, you already know what the Democratic Party's position is....sell out the middle class they promised to protect in the Fall Election to get elected. Sell out American workers to BIG BUSINESS and the racist La Raza/Latino Agenda, and begin the implementation of Bush's One World Order call to create a North American Union by the year 2010.

Much like the Jews at the beginning of the Holocaust, America's lower and middle classes have remained quiet, even meek, hoping against hope that if we behaved ourselves, kept quiet and went along, that our government would come to its senses, would protect us, our jobs, our homes, our communities.

Sadly, it has not worked, and Americans are the victims of a Job Holocaust that is threatening to steal away our way of life, all in the name of Cheap Wages, all in the name of La Raza (the one race). We are being boxed in, slowly forced into submission and eventual slavery at the hands of the rich and elite who wish to be our masters, us their surfs. If you doubt this, ask yourself this simple question, "Do you think your children will be better off than your generation has been?" There are no gas chambers, no furnaces, but leave no doubt...the middle class here in America is being deliberately, systematically eradicated, we are both witnessing and the victims of a massive extermination like none ever before witnessed in the history of the world, a Class Holocaust whose numbers dwarf even those of Nazi Germany's extermination of the Jews.

Pick up your phones and call to report illegals living in the home right next to yours, packed in like sardines and they laugh at you, could care less. Report a company or individual hiring illegals, same response. We have SS like public officials like Michael Bloomberg of New York who openly DEFY federal laws, go on TV to openly state that his city, his big companies need ILLEGALS, and the cheap labor they represent. Like some sinister agent of the AMNESTY Gestapo he openly stomps on any one who speaks out against illegals, or tries to have our laws enforced when it comes to cracking down on illegals and those who hire them...Mayor's like him in a sense are the gate keepers of the modern day Concentration Camps meant to keep American Workers out, instead of being locked in.

Leave no doubt, we have been targeted for extermination, the weapon of choice financial strangulation. So the question becomes, what to do if our own government, those sworn to protect us refuse to do their jobs? If our government is bent on granting Amnesty to illegals, and providing even more avenues for them to invade our towns and cities, give them a means by which to steal even more of our jobs, what options have we left? If our government refuse to close our border, do we have any choice but to close it ourselves, using our legal rights to bear arms, our legal right to protect our properties and way of life as justification for the actions that we take? Harsh questions, but it was only last month we heard about the story of a Mexican Drug Dealer being given immunity from prosecution while to Border Patrol Agents were WRONGFULLY sentenced to long prison terms for doing their jobs. Perhaps the time has sadly come for a citizens militia, a group of true Americas who will willingly stand up to do the work our government refuses to do.

How many armed American Heroes from the middle class would it take to secure our Southern Border with Mexico? Ten per mile, or should it be 20? Let's have a nice round number of say 50,000 Armed citizens, each of them being paid by a citizens enforcement fund, a privatized border protection service run for and by the middle class. At a salary of $50,000 a year, we need $2,500,000,000 (2.5 Billion) dollars. That sounds like a lot until you divide by say 150,000,000 lower and middle class citizens. Ask yourselves....if you could secure our Southern Border, stop the flow of illegal aliens into America, end the depression of your wages, would you be willing to contribute $25.00 for each person in your house to such a cause? With that small donation, we could easily hire, arm and outfit a citizens army to our Southern Border, buy vehicles, begin building infrastructure, such as our own fences. What if we double that $25 to $50.00 so that we could hire our own work force enforcement officers, retain attorneys to bring civil claims against any one targeted as hiring, aiding or abetting an illegal.

We the middle class are under attack. Our government has not, and is not heeding our call. Our wages are depressed, our jobs are being stolen, and many of us are losing the value of our homes as illegals move in and take over our neighborhoods. The time has come to take action, rather than wasting our time sending faxes and making calls to and electorate who will not listen, will not heed our calls for change. So, the question I ask of all Americans in the Lower and Middle Class...would you support such a private mobilization of our citizens to deal with this issue head on? If you have four people in your home, is it worth $200 per year to you knowing that the illegal alien problem is being dealt with instead of being ignored? Would you support a Minuteman type organization on steroids if they accomplished the work your government refuses to even begin? Corporations already have their own private armies, already have tens of thousands of well trained Corporate Mercenaries ready to do their bidding for a price...isn't it time that America's lower and middle class incorporates itself and lays claim to these self same protections of our own?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Activists NEED To Set a Price

Candidates on both sides of the isle are courting activists...read grass/netroots individuals. In the 2006 election, our work, efforts and money were the crucial difference in a lot of close races, and some not so close races. In short, they want our volunteerism, love our dedication to a cause once committed, and the money is and extra added value. Problem is, once the dust settled after the 2006 elections, many of those Congress people we grass/netroots got elected into office are not taking us to Washington with them. In short, we were good enough to have around UNTIL AFTER THEY WERE ELECTED, then the distancing and excuses started to come in.

I spoke to one unnamed Congressman, and was told that the grassroots that got them elected would not be going to Washington with them...seems we don't fit into the system that well. Hello, we worked as hard as we did, sweated our BLOOD because we wanted the system changed. We don't want business as usual, and we do not want Congressional/Senatorial offices run the way they have been in the past, which is to say only well healed large financial donors get direct access, while the rest of us get the traditional thanks for your inquiry letters signed by an electronic signature machine.

2008 has to be DIFFERENT, we cannot allow ourselves to be used, then pushed off to the sidelines once again. If the BIG GUNS wanting to run for President, or for a Congressional seat want our help, we need promises, and ONES WRITTEN IN INK, as in a signed contract. You get elected, we go to Washington, we get a seat at the table for a change. In short, the politician wins, we win, we ARE A PART OF STAFF. A few sandal wearing, blue jeaned, dead head T-shirted, long haired grass roots activist would do Washington a WORLD OF GOOD, and this old hippie for one is tired of doing ALL THE WORK to get these folks elected, then finding our side dumped at the altar.

*NOTE TO ACTIVIST...it is time to DERAIL Presidential hopeful, former Mayor Rudi Guiliani's primary run. It's simple...not only does his company have a MAJOR multi-million dollar contract with Indian Point, on November 22nd he ENDORSED Entergy's bid to renew this aging and decripid facilities license for another 20 years. Set your sites on this environmental pariah NOW.

Nov 25, 10:43 PM EST
Presidential candidates court activists
By HOLLY RAMER and MIKE GLOVER Associated Press Writers

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- He does not come armed with posies and poetry, but when it comes to courting Democratic activists, John Edwards is a determined suitor.

The former North Carolina senator and 2004 presidential running mate never fails to propose when he calls Jim Demers - and he calls often.

"I don't think there's ever been a time I've talked to him when he hasn't concluded by point-blank asking if I'll sign on to his team," said Demers, a Democratic activist in New Hampshire.

Even before the votes were cold in the November election, the ritual courting between potential presidential candidates and Democratic and Republican activists in early primary and caucus states was well under way in anticipation of the 2008 presidential election.

The pairing of White House wannabes with grass-roots activists and local political leaders - a mating dance known in political parlance as the "ground game" - has a serious purpose. Often a relative handful of activists and party regulars determines the outcome of the early primaries and caucuses, which in turn can either launch or torpedo a presidential bid.

Frequently it is the candidates with the best field operations who triumph. Successful field operations rely on influential and skillful local activists to turn out supporters.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Compliments of a very GENEROUS GIFT, President Bush is riding around the countryside on the seat of a very expensive CANNONDALE Mountain Bike. President Bush still supports "Stay the Course, even supports sending in more troops....if you are against the war, can you in good faith ride a Cannondale? Join the Million Clicks Boycott, and force Cannondale to take back their bike.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pelosi and Dem's Should Be ALL OVER This Story

This is PATHETIC...Talk about PORK. Cannondale should be ashamed, and Bush should be impeached.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bush is CHEAP BASTARD...Buy Your Own Bike BUSH

YES, this writer is PISSED off royally...seems that freaking monkey in the White House, George the arse wipe Bush has taken accepting of gifts to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. It's pretty pathetic when the President of the United States, a man who comes from a VERY WEALTHY FAMILY cannot even buy his own damned bicycle.

Seems that he has been taking tens of thousands of dollars in free bikes, outfits, shoes and the like from those wanting something out of him, even if it is the bragging rights that come with saying the president rides your bike...any one here want to bet that OTHER MEMBERS of the BUSH MAFIA are riding around on FREE, top of the line Cannondale Mountain Bikes? If Americans EVER needed a reason to STOP BUYING the Cannondale brand, THIS IS IT...you stinking filthy lobbying bastards. Screw the DAMN PRESIDENT, how about donating a few dozen of those top of the line bikes to OUR TROOPS who have returned home? Let George's DADDY buy him a new bike for Christmas, he can afford it. Is it the policy of Cannondale to reward a man who LIES to send troops off to die?

In the article, the author tries to convince us that Bushy Boy is quite the Mountain Biker...give it a rest George, you are not even close. I'd bet even money that dust flies out when you fart, and if you think you're really the biker, meet me at the slick rocks in Moab Utah on a nice warm June day...this former San Francisco Bike Messenger will whip your ass, and show you just how pathetic you really are on a bike. Come on, show America what you are REALLY MADE OF Mr. Bush...you think you are a hot shot rider because Cannondale outfits you with a FREEBIE bike most serious bikers cannot afford....BRING IT ON. Winner walks away with the other's bike. All your cronies, and paid Secret Service members telling you you're quite the biker does not make it so...we knew you were a panty boy when you ducked out of going to Vietnam. As to Cannondales, claims that they would not do anything to market their gift to the president...sure, this story JUST FELL INTO THE PAPER.

Bush transforms into avid mountain biker
WASHINGTON - Swapping his running shoes for bicycle pedals, President Bush bid adieu to painful runner's knees and transformed himself into a devoted mountain biker — and high-tech gearhead.

Even with elections looming, the cyclist-in-chief made time earlier this month for his ritual mountain biking on weekends. He changed into biking clothes and muddied up his newest ultra-pricey mountain bike given him by a manufacturer, a $5,000 Cannondale with a custom red, white and blue paint job. The 2007 model was put in his hands even before it had been shipped to stores.

Such a passion it is: he also went biking Thursday while spending the Thanksgiving holiday at his mountaintop retreat in Camp David, Md.

"He's an avid rider, a fanatic," said Matt Mannelly, president of Bethel, Conn.-based Cannondale, who hadn't publicized but confirmed what he called an unsolicited gift to Bush a month ago. "We also made it very clear we wouldn't do anything to market this. To give it to someone like the president, who's actually going to use it a lot, means a lot to us."

Bush already has two Trek mountain bikes, one worth $5,500, the other $2,700.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Charity and Compassion, a Worthy Bipartisan Goal

Thanksgiving is upon us, and soon the snow shall fall. As each of you gives thanks tomorrow before digging into your Thanksgiving Day Feast, I encourage you to take a moment to remember those less fortunate than yourself, perhaps take the time to support a charity that works with the hungry and homeless. Towards that goal, Gather Democrats shares the story below which originated on Washington Scandals Blog. May God Bless your family on this special day, and if you are traveling, stay safe and drive carefully.

A Worthy Charity Event for Thanksgiving

Tomorrow, we give thanks, then we FEAST, gorging ourselves on treats, meats and deserts fit for kings...some are not so fortunate, some here in the land of plenty will go hungry. There are a lot of charities that work to feed and shelter our nation's homeless. The "Almost The News" blog hopes you will support one of these, give up a part of your day to lend them a helping hand in helping the less fortunate. In this spirit of giving and thanks, we share with you a brief story from "The Washington Scandal Blog" on one such charity, and one event in Washington, DC.
Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Live in Washington, DC? Get Out Tomorrow and HELP THE HOMELESS
I'll be up early tomorrow baking our Thanksgiving pumpkin and pecan pies, preparing fresh cranberries, and doing up my own world famous deviled eggs. This early morning descent to the kitchen is a part of my family tradition, a part of the greater traditions that are Thanksgiving in the United States of America. Tomorrow is a time to give thanks, and also a time to share the bounty each of us has been blessed with. In Washington, there is just such an opportunity with the 5th Annual Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger in Washington, D.C.

If you live in Washington, it is not to late to be a part of this GREAT EVENT, and I would encourage you to show up and walk, run or crawl the 5K which supports SOME (So Others Might Eat), and interfaith group started in 1970 soup kitchen dedicated to the most basic needs of the homeless. Can't make it? Then how about sending them a small donation, or getting involved in their efforts by visiting their website? http://www.some.org/ Some things in life should ALWAYS be bipartisan, and feeding the hungry, compassion for those less fortunate is one of them.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hilliary Still Front Runner...So, The Question Is...

Clinton Remains 2008 FrontrunnerSen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) "remains the frontrunner for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 2008, with more than twice the support of any of her potential rivals," a new CNN poll shows.
Sen. Hillary Clinton 33%
Sen. Barack Obama 15%
John Edwards 14%
Al Gore 14%
Sen. John Kerry 7%
Wesley Clark 4%
Sen. Joe Biden 3%
Gov. Bill Richardson 3%
Sen. Evan Bayh 2%
Gov. Tom Vilsack 1%

So, with Hilliary the top gun, and Barack Obama running second, would you prefer:

A) A Democratic Ticket of Hilliary Clinton and Barack Obama


B) A Democratic Ticket of Barack Obama and Hilliary Clinton

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Campaign Reform Has to Be Across The Board

The Democrats seem to be approaching corruption in Washington, and in politics in a fashion that is ALL WRONG. Having been a victim of robo calls myself, I support putting an end to them, but that barely scratches the surface. Further, targeting ONLY 527's is not the way to end corruption in Washington, DC. If the Senate wants to consider serious penalties, including jail time, let it be an across the board solution that targets EVERY ONE.

Further, any such legislation should address other areas of corruption in a comprehensive solution. There should be an end to all gifts to elected officials and their staff...no more free lunches, no more tickets to sporting/entertainment events, and no travel...this should include a complete ban on elected officials and staff having access to private planes at greatly discounted prices. Special Interest groups like the Ripon Society, and Even the Blue Dog Democrats should be outlawed, so that the government again becomes one run by and for the people, instead of one owned outright by Corporate America and Special Interests Groups of all types. Lastly, it is time to REMOVE all barriers to forming alternative political parties.

Jail Time for Below-the-Belt Campaigns?

By Paul Bedard
Posted 11/15/06
The new Senate Democratic leadership is planning to pass campaign finance reform that would impose jail time on politicians and political groups that make moves to suppress the vote or lie about candidates.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Snow, Cold Hearted MORON...Amnesty For Border Agents, Deportation for ILLEGALS

Saturday, November 18, 2006
Amnesty For Border Patrol Agents

Am assuming here, that any one not living under a rock is familiar with this story...two border patrol agents sentenced to HARSH prison sentences for doing their job, while our court system gave IMMUNITY to a drug dealer/smuggler. There is a moment afoot to see these twoheroes granted Amnesty...a moment I support, which is why I am posting the groups message to all of my blogs. I hope you will support this cause, and support these two border agents.




Dear Friend:

North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones is leading a campaign to pardon two Border Patrol agents whose only "crime" was doing their jobs ... and he has asked for our help.

On October 19th, United States Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean were convicted and sentenced to 11 and 12 years in federal prison respectively for firing shots at a Mexican drug smuggler who brought 743 pounds of marijuana across the U.S. border!

And if we don't act immediately to prevent this outrage, Agents Ramos and Compean must surrender themselves to Federal authorities -- and will be sent to prison!

If you are already familiar with the story, please click here to send an email to the President, expressing your outrage over this blatant miscarriage of justice

Agent Ramos served the Border Patrol for 9 years and was a former nominee for Border Patrol Agent of the Year. Agent Compean had 5 years of experience as a border agent.

The two agents were vigorously prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s office, but the smuggler was granted full immunity to testify against the agents!

Rep. Jones sent a letter to the White House to express his outrage over the President's indifference toward the plight of these two agents. "Despite my repeated requests for an investigation of this case, and a request by a dozen Members of Congress for the President to pardon these agents, this administration has ignored the concerns of countless citizens who have decried the unjust prosecution of these two heroes."

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow dismissed the idea of a Presidential pardon for these agents as ‘‘nonsensical.’’

Nonsense? What makes no sense at all is for the president to direct his U.S. Attorney's office to go after two dedicated BP agents while allowing a major drug smuggler to go free!

The drug smuggler, who was wounded while trying to escape, received full medical care (at taxpayer's expense); was permitted to return to Mexico; and is now suing the Border Patrol for $5 million for violating his civil rights!

What message does this kind of treatment send to all those other BP agents who risk their lives daily to stop the flow of drugs, illegal aliens and even terrorists across our 2500-mile-long Mexican border? No wonder the President's rating has plunged to below 30%

Please send your email today and then be sure to tell all of your friends and neighbors to visit our website so they can send their own messages to the President!

Thank you for your help and continued support for our work.

Best Regards,
Edward I. Nelson, Chairman

P.S. Please accept my apologies if you had asked to be removed from our files. We experienced a computer problem that corrupted our most recent datafile and I was forced to go back to an archived file that is held for emergency purposes. If you do not wish to receive our email alerts and eNewsletters, please click here to send an email to us so that we may remove your name from our database. Please be sure to put the word REMOVE on the subject line. Thank you.

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email: rrt@usbc.org
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web: http://www.usbc.org

U.S. Border Control 8180 Greensboro Drive #1070 McLean VA 22102

Blue Dog Democrats Need to Stop Barking

The contentious fight for the Majority Leader is over, and despite some wanting to turn it into a slam on Nancy Pelosi's leadership abilities, the theatrics were nothing more than a distraction from the real issues facing Democrats, the Congress as a whole, and our nation. In short, we have far larger fish to fry, more important issues on which to focus our attention on...yet, in the never ending struggle to maintain business as usual, the Blue Dog Democrats are barking like a rabid pack of mutts smelling red meat. They need to shut up and get down to the real business they were sent to Washington for...Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, and it is her choice, priviledge and right to name the next leader of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. That choice should be made based on the best person for the job, not who gets another feather in their bonnet. The Blue Dog Democrats want the feather, and are willing to back a poor choice in their quest for same...SHAME ON THEM.

Do the Blue Dog Democrats really think Americans care about their 44 member strong coalition of *supposed* centrist? We do not, and will not unless all of you as a collective whole show us you are capable of GETTING ALONG, and doing the peoples business now that you have the majority. We've seen enough of infighting and power struggles while the Republicans were in charge. Congressman Mike Ross said, "We don't want to be obstructionists, but we don't want to be a rubber stamp," He then went on to say, "We want to bring the party back to the middle." Mike Ross makes a BOLD assertion in assuming America wants a centrist Democratic Party. What we do want, is ACTION ON ISSUES, not rhetoric and infighting within our party.

We want CHANGE in Iraq, want those in Washington to figure out how to force Bush to abandon his failed "Stay the Course" policy. We want immigration reform that DOES NOT grant Amnesty to 12-15 million criminal illegal aliens, and we want our fence. We want to see legislation that saves Social Security, and brings down our National Debt.

If the Blue Dog Democrats need something to do right now, I'll give them a suggestion. Spend some money to hire a web designer, your site is pathetically ugly, the presentation found lacking and unoriginal.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Small Post of Wisdom

Someone left this on my Blog on the DNC site, and thought it well worth sharing with the readers here.

D iversity
E ducation, energy & the environment
M iddle class, poor & working people
O verhaul of foreign policy
C ivil liberties
R esponsible budgets
A ffordable healthcare
T rustworthy
S ecurity & separation of church and state

What's your vision for America?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Senator Evan Bayh Playing Games With Voters?

This from my Washington Scandal Blog on a brewing battle over on www.gather.com Seems Bayh thinks he can toy with the netroots folks, and make false promises about having a discussion with us.

Senator Bayh a Gather Huckster? We Want Answers BIG BOY
The Democrats have promised Americans a more open, honest and available government. I am all for that, and rejoiced when I received an email invite to join Senator Bayh in a discussion over on the http://www.gather.com/ site in the Political Group.
The email stated that Senator Bayh would kick off a new series of discussions between members of Gather, and key people inside Washington, with Newt Gingrich on board for next week. How refreshing! So, like a kid in a candy store, I raced off to the Gather site to find Bayh's article and join in the conversation...what I found was a typical STUMP SPEECH with promises of more to come.
People were polite, welcomed him to our forum, and some (like myself) got right down to business and asked TOUGH QUESTIONS, DEMANDED straight forward answers...then we waited, and waited and waited some more. Today, another CANNED message...in it Senator Bayd (probably a low level staffer) gave us the electronic equivalent of the thank you for contacting me letter so many of us have seen after spilling out our pain in a letter to our elected officials, that answered NONE OF OUR QUESTIONS, but suggested we write him PRIVATELY if his BUSY SCHEDULE precluded him from answering our questions in the forum....EXCUSE US MR BAYH, so far you have answered NONE OF OUR QUESTIONS...not even the EASY ONES.
We don't want stump speeches Mr. Bayh, and will not TOLERATE YOU playing with our medium in the hopes of getting some free publicity, or making FAKE CLAIMS to your constituents the next time you stand for election. You came to us on www.gather.com and asked for a platform, and it was given to you. You asked for our questions, and they have been posted...NOW WE WANT ANSWERS, and will use the Internet to badger you for them until we get them, and HONEST ONES, none of this "I'll get back to you on that" CRAP that is normal Washington politics when it comes to speaking to us COMMON FOLKS.

Posted by Porgia Tirebiter at 9:53 PM
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Not to be alarmist, but we have lived in an America where the political party in power was a Pro-BIG BUSINESS AGENDA, special access to lobbyist, show us the money group, grant illegals AMNESTY because we love CHEAP WAGES, and chose to vote the Republicans out of office. Could it be that we have a group of Democrats wanting to push us further down that WRONG PATH, while PRETENDING to be on our side? According to a "The Hill" article found on the New Democratic Coalition website, seems they have been doing breakfast with some K Streeters for some time, and are now ready to start CASHING IN. Watch for keywords in the article like PRO GROWTH...translated is friendly to big business agenda, and granting special access....FOR A FEE.

Dems, lobbyists may expand partnership

By Jim Snyder
The Hill
Copyright 2006, Capitol Hill Publishing Corp. All Rights Reserved.

There have been hotter tickets on K Street than the informal breakfasts sponsored by a group of centrist House Democrats.

Off and on for the past two years, the New Democrat Coalition (NDC), a "pro-growth" group that bills itself as a link between Democrats and the business community, have held regular meetings with a few friends and financial backers on K Street.